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Why are Blondes so Naughty?

October 25th, 2015

See Blake here at in some harder scenes and you may get what I mean. I think Franzi gets what I’m saying too..

Brigham is editing his masterpiece with Aubrey and James Deen (he’s almost finished) and we are busy shooting a Halloween special for you with Piper Perry (caution before you click on this link Piper is 22 years old but looks very young and loves to be with lots of men at the same time). We are also getting ready to bring you some work from a new director with Caprice and Marcello since they are so easy to shoot and swing in private..Many, many amazing new videos coming up!

If you are a member, thank you we love you! If not you can join here for both sites and experience the BEST erotica in the world! :-) <3 xoxo ~ Colette, Franzi and Brigham

Swingers Party!

October 16th, 2015

How cute is it that Marcello has his hand on his wife’s (Caprice)breast while they are each fucking someone else.
This video and more like it coming to X-Art and

We were down an editor, but we found a new great one and Brigham and I are back at editing ourselves too, so you get some of our original style. We have a ton of content getting ready for our members! So thank you for being patient with us while we have been shooting for months on end because you are about to reap the rewards..

And if you’re not a member, please join us here and experience what real erotica is like. You won’t regret it. Each and every girl is hand-picked for you by myself and Franzi

New group scene coming later on and Caprice and Lily-Ivy BG videos coming to X-Art by Brigham ;-) xoxo

More soon.



“If you never did you should, these things are fun and fun is good.” ~ Dr. Suess

A Controversial Video on

October 9th, 2015

If you watch the video you will see how this extremely young looking 20 year old loves it. What do you think? Just because she looks young and wants to have sex with a bunch of hot, African-American men why is that not ok? I met her and spoke to her and it was actually Piper’s idea. I am surprised by how many girls/women have this fantasy and maybe all the men don’t like it. But’s that’s why we have X-Art too with exclusive models like Caprice and Lilly..

I would love to know your thoughts. If you are not a member of yet you can join here and let me know what you really think. Thank you for reading this! xoxo Love, Colette

P.S. Brig shot an amazing scene of LilyIvy in my horse riding clothes and taking them off and…anyway he was pretending it was me and I watched him editing it tonight and it’s out of this world. Brigham had been tired for a while, but I can’t wait after 5 years for you to see the intimate work Brigham, Franzi and I create as a family! Hope you will Join X-Art and become a part of our new family! Social features inside to talk directly with models and streaming directly to X-Art models for free is coming too! Don’t be fooled by copycats or sites that say everything is HD, exclusive etc. X-Art and Colette are the ONLY sites 100% exclusive fashion models, girls next door AND your favorite porn stars doing it all. Join here for and together and I will fulfill all of your wildest dreams or your money back ;-) I promise. What, you don’t believe me? I dare you to check me out and talk to me inside..

Who likes Group Sex?

October 3rd, 2015

Really, I want to know. We have a bunch of groups and Orgy’s at

I know many people are happy with just their partner, but how many of you imagine a little kinky fun or even participate in it once in a while? Let me know inside.

Join me here and I’ll tell you my stories. xoxo Colette

P.S. If you haven’t come inside you won’t know that there is a whole social site at X-Art now and we are about to add streaming videos for chatting with models and much more. So seriously, check it out!

Two EXCLUSIVE X-Art Girls that you will only see in REAL, Passionate SEX HERE. Just one more reason to join.

September 26th, 2015

Caprice Caprice and LillyIvy have a few things in common and a few things very different about them.

1) They are both stunning and possibly the most beautiful girls I have ever met in real life, inside and out and two of my favorite models along with Franziska. Even though I love all of our girls and try to never play favorites. But these are really something special.

2) They are both in exclusive relationships. And there men are also absolutely wonderful people. Caprice just got married and we will be attending a huge traditional Czech wedding for them in her hometown in Czech Republic. We are so excited and wouldn’t be surprised if we get an invite to Jacob and LillyIvy’s wedding in a few years.

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY You will ONLY see them having SEX on or

4) Now the difference. Caprice and Marcello have learned how to beautifully separate love and lust (seriously they should teach a class). They live a real “swingers” lifestyle around the world. Who knows if it will always be this way for them, but if you happen to come across them and want to consider an X-Art or video with your partner (depends how hard you like it) and the hottest couple in the world…. it is now a possibility. You can even email me photos if you think you are a candidate as a woman, man or couple. You must be a member of the site , over 18 years old and take the traditional talent testing. And then you or you and your lover could be with Caprice and Marcello. Besides that they are beautiful and wonderful, they are amazing lovers and can teach anyone how it’s done right!

So this is just one more interesting and life changing (for the better) reason to join X-Art. You can join here and get too (for when you are feeling naughtier. Ok more soon. Brigham, Franzi and I have to run out to meet our friends from Czech (Caprice) and Austria (Marcello) at Rodeo Drive and the tar pits to get some tourist photos for them! So please join and support our work and our models all over the world!. We all appreciate it and will love you forever.

Oh, P.S. Cindy our head customer service girl is having her second baby since she started working for us 8 years ago! So if you contact customer service for anything you can congratulate her or by joining, if you let me know you joined for Cindy’s great work I can give half of your membership to help her with new baby stuff! ;-) xoxo

And I also love to hear feedback on what you guys think of vs so if you can post in the comments or message me at colettexart inside the site (MY Offical site username) I promise I will read all of them and do my best to satisfy you.

“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” (Or watching something inspiring)..heehee
Pablo Picasso
Spanish Cubist painter (1881 – 1973)


Colette & Brigham

The One and Only Caprice is Here…

September 15th, 2015

And the stunning Caprice is here with her hot (now husband). She’s off the market, but they are open to swinging, so don’t despair.
Now what should we do with her. Join and to see…

True beauty is a thing to behold. xoxo


Hot ~ Trailer (click to play and join to see more) XOXO ~ Colette

September 9th, 2015

And we have a group scene with Caprice , Baby and their boyfriends coming soon! It is sooo hot! And you will ONLY see these girls having sex on X-Art. Sharing is caring ;-) xxx

Please Join X-Art to see all of our stunning HD Videos….

Love, Colette

Happy Birthday Franziska!

August 31st, 2015


What a long strange trip it’s been…

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” ~ Albert Caymus

Thank you Franzi for being my friend on this incredible journey. This is the time to celebrate you.

From a stunning model at 18 years old to my confidante, producer, best friend, girlfriend, shoulder to cry on. Hug to give to and get from and now a beautiful 26 year old business woman whose compassion, kindness and intelligence grows by the day. Happy Birthday from your family at X-Art and Join today and celebrate this beautiful woman in times gone by and yet to come…

I can’t wait for more adventures with you! Look at the world with open eyes and a grateful heart and that is how the world will look at you. xoxo Love, Colette

I still feel like this is one of the hottest videos on X-Art…

August 20th, 2015

I know you may not all agree with me. But check it out HERE and if you’re not a member you’ll need to join to see this and all of the HOT new Group Sex videos at

But, you know what…I’m a little confused right now. I can’t tell since subscriptions are neck in neck: as to who likes the harder stuff and who wants to be romanced; or do you just want to see pretty girls? Please comment and tag me and let me know your thoughts. Also how are you all liking the new social media site inside X-Art?

Ok, much more later I will fill you in on all of our travels and new models. But I have to finish the bookings and editing today. So I’ll post a few tweets and be back later. xoxo Love, Colette

“The Best Part of Beauty is that which no picture can express…” ~ Francis Bacon (22 Jan 1561 – 9 April 1626)

August 4th, 2015


“With all due respect Mr. Bacon or should I say “sir” (deceased). I think we come pretty damn close at X-Art, so I may beg to differ.

How about this one: “We love in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if we only seek them with our eyes open.” ~ Jawaharlal Nehru

Whichever way you look at it, we have so much beauty here that the models and I would LOVE to share with you. So try us out, JOIN and see…

P.S. I am having even more fun making it’s a work in progress but still 100% worth it to become a member!

P.P.S. Can you guys/girls tell me on the newest update how many of you want to be members of both sites for the one click discount? It will be ready any day. As all of our members know, our transactions are completely private and we never advertise. So you get pure clean erotica and our exclusive beauties. We are about giving you the BEST content in the world (that you can watch with your partner or indulge in your naughtier side on and it’s all made with love.

Ok, Thank you for reading my rambling today. Oh, one more question is if there were a show about my life (everything great, plus the struggle and/or the luck/talent that is involved in achieving success in this or any business), you will even meet my family and it will star Franziska too…Would you watch it? Please, please comment in the members area of X-Art or Colette.

Lots and lots of love and beauty to everyone reading this (I know that sounds a little hippie but it’s Sunday and I’m about to do yoga while you watch X-Art or heehee. Now time to to get on with a gorgeous day (but don’t forget to join first!) (unless you’re in the Philippines, but maybe the internet still works ~ sending prayers for the people and their families everywhere who need them.)

Oh and speaking of beauty, we have so many: but we can’t forget Mila she definitely disproves Sir Francis Bacon’s above quote. I think this picture expresses her beauty inside and out just fine. Only thing is that 99 % of you will look beyond her inner beauty because the outward is so stunning. Just because someone  is physically beautiful, doesn’t mean they can’t be intellectual, kind and stunning all over on the inside. So that’s all for today. More soon (and maybe a tutorial on from Franzi and I on how to make your girl squirt when she cums). This information will be priceless and also super fun coming from us! Bye for now!


xoxo  ~ Colette