Dillion is Beautiful! (and amazing and sweet and…well, everything!)


It is 11:30PST and I am coming to you live from our X-Art set! We are on the last video of the day (an amazing and hot date night featuring a new boy/girl couple).

And earlier today we met Dillion (pictured here). She did an awesome solo video, a lesbian scene and a REALLY HOT boy/girl sex scene with Jay. You guys will love it.

Sooo, it has been hard work but all of the models were absolutely beautiful and really cool people too! Hoping to get some of the new content to you ASAP.

X-Art Europe is heading to Ibiza next week and I am cleaning up our house/studio and doing yoga tomorrow (like you really needed to know that, but I am tired; so you get more info lol).

Oh, and Francesca will not be commenting on her sets and the new videos, if you want to interact with her you can join me here ;-)

Ok…more soon…after finally sleeping in tomorrow ;-) We are crazy tired but happy too. XOXO



P.S. She is wearing my favorite beads in this photo ( I wear them every day and just put them on her for the photo, it is crazy out of all the wardrobe the models always seem to wear my stuff…I guess I just like it best.)