I still feel like this is one of the hottest videos on X-Art…


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Ok, much more later I will fill you in on all of our travels and new models. But I have to finish the bookings and editing today. So I’ll post a few tweets and be back later. xoxo Love, Colette

Trailer from X-Art cinematic experience “Farewell”

Click on the image to play a short trailer from the film “Farewell” we shot in the California desert! We have the full HD video for members HERE

“Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”
~ Richard Bach

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Do you ever fantasize about being at a Colette.com shoot or an X-Art.com shoot? (Spoiler alert: I know you do. I get asked all the time by subscribers. Both men and women.)

Well, get comfortable, drop your pants or panties, and enjoy yourself as I try to tell you what goes on.

A lot of the work happens before we shoot.

I am a businesswoman, after all. Plus, we want the environment to be just right for our models. So first we do all of the usual stuff — deciding which gorgeous model is going to take off her clothes for you; where the location will be; making sure the set is just right technically (lighting, makeup, number and type of cameras, crew selection.) Franzi, Brigham or I always are present. With Colette Team Europe, we only use long-time X-Art team members that have earned our trust and share our artistic perspective. This may not sound sexy, but the hard work upfront is a must!

The model must be confident, fully committed to the project, and happy. Happiness and an inherent want to show her sexuality is actually the most important ingredient.

Even when Brig and I just were starting out and only shooting nudes, we always have insisted that the young woman was fully confident in her sexuality and wanted to share her gifts. Any hesitation, any apparent lack of certainty, and the girl is not going to shoot for me. Modeling is glamorous, fun and — at our sites — orgasmic. But it also is hard work. A photo shoot and creation of a video takes hours. Beauty, brains and a healthy appetite for sex are required; so is professionalism as a model.

OK — so we do have a lot of fun during the shoot.

Wanker alert! (my guy friend added the wanker alert ;-) This is where I have to get down to the short hairs! I want all of our girls to enjoy themselves. I have an artistic vision for every shoot, but it never works unless the model is having an awesome, good time. No one is ever forced or cajoled to do anything she doesn’t like. Just the opposite: I always ask each woman about her favorite fantasies. Otherwise, we would be “just another porn site.” No thank you. Fortunately, the more beautiful the model, the more likely that she is bisexual — and the more probable that she loves to fuck. Is she drop dead gorgeous? She inevitably enjoys fucking while you watch.

Yes, we play the model’s favorite music, we all laugh a lot at the inevitable bloopers, and wine or champagne have been known to be on the set (only after the shooting and for girls over 21 years or for Brig, Franzi and I heehee). And because we are working with stunning models who are naked most of the time, we admire them and get sexually aroused ourselves. Because….

Being on set with beautiful models who are having multiple orgasms is so sexy. It is!

Is she new to erotica and finger fucking herself as she moves on the bed to one of her best orgasms ever? Is she licking and sucking a perfect, hard cock until she laughs as cum drips down her chin? Is she experimenting and fucking another girl for the first time ever — and discovering that she loves it? Or is she being fucked by a stud or boyfriend who makes her cum over and over until she is ready to collapse in sheer ecstasy? Is this her first experience with multiple partners on camera or off — and the joyful, uninhibited sex continues after the shoot is done? Or does she approach me before and shyly ask if it would be OK if the well-hung guy on set introduced her to the sensation of having a cock in her ass?

All of these scenarios have played out in the World of X-Art.com and Colette.com! And uhh, many more…. But that is for another day. So hang on to your hats and your…and join me for the ride of your life!


How amazing is Bree? And who wouldn’t want to “Bang” her??


I know the name sounds a little “high school” but Bree is anything but that! You can see her here on X-Art or in a hot and (kind of rough sex..if you like that kind of thing) update on Colette.com Video coming tonight. The cool thing about Bree is she has this feline quality, a woman-girl look per Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; heehee (I love that song) “Southern Cross” yes! And the truth is you would have to go around the world to find a girl like Bree. So really check her out…

We have been shooting like crazy in USA and Europe. Tiffany and Brandon have been staying with us in USA. One of our favorite couples and they just look hotter than ever! I took them in their first helicopter ride yesterday ;-)

And now tonight at X-Art we have a HOT threesome coming to you from Prague. Part one was the stunning GG videe and tonight the wait is over. Guess which lucky guy gets to join this sensual and delicious couple (hmm, that sounded like I was describing an apple) when I was actually describing a smoking hot threesome that will get you off or you and your partner going at it. So…guys, girls: “Don’t Keep Me Waiting..” you can cum inside and join here. It is easy. You deserve it. Lots and lots of love and other stuff! Colette

Words of Wisdom


“In the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” ~ #AbrahamLincoln

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“The Truth is you don’t know what is going to happen. Life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed.” ~ Eminem

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