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Angelica in the Shower (doesn’t this make you want to get wet?)

January 20th, 2013

Angelica has got to be one of the hottest models we have EVER worked with, this is a shot from an awesome shower scene that will be coming soon..

And to all of our members and anyone who appreciates X-Art (as we gracefully glide into 2013)…just like Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote in a letter to Winston Churchill: “It is fun to be in the same decade with you.”

Lots of Love,


P.S. Here’s the link to join if you’re not a member already,  so you can have fun with us too ;-)

P.P.S. Re: FUN, I hope everyone at AVN is having some tonight!

X-Art ~ LIVE from Madrid

January 16th, 2013

Here’s a cool outtake of Kaylee from our shoot today in Madrid and as you can see she is as gorgeous as ever!

Kaylee is just one of our beautiful, exclusive models who braved the snowstorm in Europe to make the shoot. We actually had to buy new tickets to reroute some of the models through London (since the snow was closing some airports).

Where ever you are, stay warm. More coming soon…



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P.P.S…. I KNOW, I know,  I abuse :-) :-) :-)’s  but how can I not be happy when I’m surrounded by so many gorgeous girls?!? You’ll see what I mean when you join ;-) (Ahhhh, sorry!!)

Sexy Yoga

January 13th, 2013

Mira is back for another “yoga lesson” (and this time she knows what she’s doing) look at her ready to push Mr. X onto his back (lol). She is too hot!

This photo is a just a small preview of the awesome HD video and photo set that will be coming soon.

Brig and I are traveling right now and are getting ready for some serious shooting action in Madrid, Prague and LA.

Follow me on twitter for more stuff about me and of course join X-Art to become a part of our erotic revolution! You’ll be really happy you did :-)

Lots and lots of love and more news soon! xoxo

~ Colette


January 10th, 2013

Silvie will be heading to Madrid for us for some James Bond Style action!

We are shooting another film in a similar style of Farewell but in Europe. We are very excited for this one…

Lots of surprises in store for our members!

Brig and I are taking a quick vacation this week (but I will still be updating the site, my twitter and the blog), so you guys didn’t even really need to know that LOL

Anyway, see how hard I am working  ;-) (so if you’re not a member feel free to join me here).

Lots of Love,



Menage A Trois (and more)

January 9th, 2013

Have you all watched our video Menage A Trois if not check it out, I love it.

I took this photo of Leila and Anneli as they were walking into the room for the scene.

They are both so gorgeous from all angles. We will be seeing Leila in February again :-)

Anyway, this photo makes me nostalgic for the Caribbean, I think we should head there again soon.

And the Caribbean makes me think that life is too short not to enjoy every minute. (Ok heading off topic now….)

I had a really interesting experience yesterday: my twin sister is married to a guy who is MUCH older than she is (think Hef and Crystal almost). Brig is older than me, but not by anything that would be considered interesting. Well my sister and her husband are going to be on some new reality show (isn’t everyone in LA, LOL) and yesterday Brig and I were interviewed on the show with them. When the camera girl asked my sister’s husband how he felt being older surrounded by all of the younger people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s (he just turned 70), he said he was “jealous” (not in a mean way) of Brig and I, because we have so long to live together and he just found Nicole (my sister) and he wishes they had more time. All of our eyes teared up and it just made me appreciate everything we have been blessed with so much, including each other.

I have to say he is an amazing guy and my sister really has found her soul mate (he has the energy of a 21 year old and could easily pass for 25 years younger than he is) and those soulful words on camera really touched our hearts. Age really is just a state of mind.

I know they don’t read my blog, because funny enough my sister does not approve of her husband watching “porn”, she gets jealous (I am still working on them). But I am giving them a shout out here anyway to let them know that we love them and are grateful to have them in our lives. They have a hair care line called Rock Your Hair which they are working really hard on. We use the products at our LA shoots :-)

Well now you know a little more about my family.

So, live, love and join X-Art and let me add some fun and beauty to your lives this winter. XOXO




January 8th, 2013

More cool FanArt of Francesca

I hope “lucky” 2013 is starting out well for everyone. It is for us (if you call finding insanely beautiful girls who want to have sex on camera lucky…) ;-)LOL

We just met 4 stunning new models in Malibu and are getting ready for an awesome shoot in Madrid.

Then we have more Russian beauties heading to meet us in Prague.

And I am also very busy over here at my computer (getting a crossed-eye) but I have to get back to work so you guys have more updates tomorrow (the girl who helps me with video covers has been in Finland visiting her family for two weeks so I’ve been running solo over here). Even though X-Art is popular we are still a small family business.

If you are a member thank you so much, I love you! If you are not a member and like what you see, you can join me here

More soon. XOXO ~ Colette


Ivy, coming soon…

January 4th, 2013

Now that you have all met Clover 

Get ready to meet Ivy. (All over again). This time she is with her boyfriend and they are doing what they like best (guess what that is….).

Sometimes things are better the second time around.

We are busy producing lots of great new content for our members. Silvie is coming back to shoot with us in Madrid and we have lots of new faces lining up for 2013.

I love looking for models ~ I find it very exciting, you know getting the most gorgeous girls on X-Art. They are all really great and amazing people and we truly are blessed to have the time with each and every one of them. Life is full of possibilities, you just have to look for them. (I’m not quoting that from anywhere, just typed it).

Come inside and see what possibilities are waiting for you with me at X-Art ;-)

I hope you are all easing into the New Year, have nursed the hangovers, set the goals, written the resolutions (etc. etc.) and you will sit back and relax with us this weekend.

All the best and lots of love,

~ Colette

Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2013

I love this photo of Tiffany

I like the smile on her face and in her eyes.

From all of us at X-Art to all of you: we hope you love, laugh and prosper in 2013!

Make this one of your best years yet! Believe it will be.

When you wake up on the 1st (no matter how bad the hangover LOL). Try this: open your eyes, smile and say thank you for everything you have (even if it’s not a lot).

And then do something nice for someone else, anyone. Just make one person’s life better on New Year’s Day, come on you can do it!

Lots of Love from me (Colette) and the entire X-Art team!

Oh and P.S. Your first New Year’s Resolution should be to Join X-Art

(I mean, shouldn’t not suppressing your sexuality be really important on the resolution list ;-)

Happy New Year!! XOXOXO

Can Anal be Artistic? *(like my crazy filters)*

December 30th, 2012

Let the debate begin again!

Can anal really be shot in a beautiful and artistic way? I think so, but apparently not everyone agrees.

Ivy and Sebastian like anal sex in their personal lives and they offered to let us shoot a video of them enjoying one of their naughtier pleasures, so of course we did ;-)

To me it seems really passionate and romantic, they are obviously truly into each other and really enjoy it. We have also been lucky enough to spend some time with them in person and to see what an amazing and loving couple they are.

Anyway…..I have been having some crazy new years fun with photo filters lately, hope you like this one.

And if anal is for you: then you can check out a few other X-Art videos like Amazing Grace or  Back Door Lover or Pretty Back Door Baby and our first try The Art of Anal Sex. Oh and we also have one with Erica and two guys.

But if you don’t like it, do not worry we have hundreds more beautiful videos for you to enjoy with your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend (or on your own). It’s all OK at X-Art!

I hope everyone is getting ready for a wild or relaxing New Year’s celebration (whichever will make you happy) and that you will join X-Art and celebrate with us if you’re not already a member.

Kisses! XOXO

~ Colette

Clover and Susie

December 27th, 2012

I don’t know if any of you know this, but I love to paint. And guess what my favorite subject to paint is…??? Oh, you guessed it! Nude women.

Well, I didn’t paint this I just used a cool filter.

But I think this will be one of our best GG scenes yet, it is really SO hot. Clover and Susie are just so natural with each other. We also have Ivy’s first anal scene coming up this month (I know, I know some of you guys don’t like anal, but she does. Sooo maybe we can let that be ok??)

Anyway, I am working on some artwork from our photos along with producing shoots and running the site (so it may take me a while) but I hope to show you some cool art in the near future!

So, if you want to support my art then you can join X-Art here and when I have them ready I can send you a print!

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and are getting ready for a great New Year!

Just remember, things are not always perfect (Uh, hello New Years Resolutions, yeah right) – so you have to make the best of your situation and what you have to offer.

Let go and lose yourself every now and then (you are free to do that here). You will be happy you did.

Live your dreams in reality or in your head, truly it is really all the same ;-)

All my love for our members ~