Dreaming in technicolor….(Technicolor Lesbian Love)

April 10th, 2013

Jessica’s first lesbian video will be coming soon and her first lady love was Anneli…

Bastian put some cool effects in the video ;-)

Do you dream in color or black and white? I think most people dream in color (well I do, and I guess I am equating most people to myself…which is actually a very common mistake to make).

And when people (meaning me) dream about sex the colors are even brighter; you know like in that movie with Robin Williams “What Dreams May Come”. Obviously they were playing on words from Hamlet: “….when we have shuffled off this mortal coil.”

But anyway, that movie is really cool and we should make some more videos with sex scenes like that!

But see what we have to offer now here. I am sure you will like it and have sweeter dreams. XO

Lots of Love,


Hot Chocolate

April 9th, 2013

Stunning cutie Capri had her first interracial experience ever with the GORGEOUS Ana today, very HOT!

We also shot a sex scene this morning with a new model that you will fall in love with ;-)

Everyone did an Amazing job, thank you girls, boys and team!

We are off to Prague very soon to catch up with Bastian, Petra and X-Art team Europe (Yaay!!!)

I’m going to be working on post-production until we leave this weekend.

Pretty tired now, so I’ll be back here with more soon. xx



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~ It’s all about Eve ~

April 8th, 2013

Eve ~ “How did it get so late so soon?” ~ Dr. Suess

I really want to know…

Love, Colette


In Love with Ana!

April 7th, 2013

This photo from the behind the scenes camera is kind of artistic and blurry but what really shines through is the true spirit of this amazing girl!

Her smile literally lights up the room. She is REALLY smart, she’s an artist and has the BEST personality ever. I just can’t say enough great things about her #inlove (yeah, I know this blog is not twitter but I am getting so used to expressing my emotions with #’s LOL)

She is the first lady of color to grace X-Art and you will see her in a boy/girl video and a lesbian video with Capri..

Capri has never participated in an “interracial” scene before but she was on set when Ana walked in and was like: “Wow, that girl is so beautiful and nice, I would like to try my first black and white scene with her!” So of course we said yes ;-)

Well we shot some amazing new videos with so many awesome models and the first video of Jessica will be coming soon too!

You can join me here to see everything!

Lots of Love,


Capri and Tyler on the Beach in Ventura (Birthday Kiss)

April 3rd, 2013

We shot a REALLY amazing video with Capri and her real life boyfriend Tyler a few days ago, on her birthday ;-)

It is totally awesome to work with real couples. And they are also very interesting people; I mean they both are OK with the each other having sex with other partners for a living. They are so cool about it, but SO into each other at the same time!

I just LOVE them.

Today we had Bunny and a brand new girl in a scene with Tyler for my secret project. Tomorrow we will have Capri in a group scene also for my special surprise (but Tyler can’t come because he has to go to Vegas for the day). So Brig and I will probably meet up with Capri and Tyler after tomorrow and laugh about it all (that’s life). Their schedules didn’t work out that they could shoot together the last two days (only the first one). They are good sports.

We also shot an AWESOME scene with Mia and James Deen. OMG, soooo hot!! I think you guys will love it!

Well back to work over here. Lots of amazing stuff coming for our members (if you’re not one here’s where to join).

More soon.

Love, Colette

P.S. The camera girl in this pic is not me, she is this rad girl who is really great with RED cameras and helped us the last few days. She is also a fan of X-Art (but it was her first time at an erotic shoot). She said she had a blast! ;-)

Introducing Jessica

March 30th, 2013

A fashion model turns naughty for X-Art again. She reminds me a little bit of Tiffany, I can’t explain exactly why; she just does. Maybe because they are both gorgeous…lol

20 year old American (Jessica) takes her clothes off for the camera for the first time (and I have to say she really is a natural!) Oh, and her hair is real (not extensions, in case you were wondering…it is amazing). She has been growing it her entire life. She is a goddess.

She felt comfortable with the setting so she decided to go a little further and try a masturbation scene; you will see it soon. After this she was so horny she wanted to try a lesbian scene (her first ever) and it was also AMAZINGLY great for a first time girl ;-)

She said she originally decided to try nude modeling for the money, but has since discovered that she really loves it! She likes how beautiful and sexy she feels when she is watched.

She is now considering asking her boyfriend (also a a super-hot model) to make some videos with her for X-Art (we can only pray)!

Back to shooting! More soon.




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James Deen can be REALLY romantic!

March 29th, 2013

Who knew? Well me, I guess…since I booked him to shoot for a week in Europe.

Here is is in a photo from a video with Gianna and I have to say I was pretty turned on watching the final product (he was amazing with some of the new Russian girls and Leila too, Leila actually sent me a text on her way back to Budapest that said “thank you for James Deen”, no seriously she did… LOL). All of the models seemed like a real couple with him and the action is awesome (great job directing Bastian!!!)

So I know some of you think James Deen on X-Art OMG, but honestly when the performers and directors are great the product can become Amazing! James can really act and the girls ALL LOVE HIM, so that makes for HOT scenes.

I will have my chance this week to direct James and Bunny and we will also see Capri shooting for us this weekend (on her Birthday, Happy Birthday Baby!) with Tyler (her real-life boyfriend).

Mia is back for some lesbian action with Elle and another sex scene with a lucky new guy.  Kiera will shoot a group sex scene and another boy/girl scene for us (turns out she loves sex with men, go figure LOL). We also have a few more NEW girls on the schedule so you have lots to look forward to! And lucky for us we have an awesome new location in Ventura County ;-)

Up late getting ready for everything. Going to sleep soon, but will bring you more news from the production.

Please join me here if you haven’t already so we can continue to bring you the best erotic in the world.

Thank you so much members! I love you lots and lots!


~ Colette

In Love with Georgia (girl crush)

March 26th, 2013

Georgia is so beautiful and such a hot and cool girl (I have to admit I’ve always had a girl crush on her).

I don’t think she’s been doing much modeling lately. I could be wrong; but I think maybe she has a famous boyfriend (or something like that).

She was in the first HD video Brig and I ever shot you should watch just for fun (if you have time).

I think some of our older content is pretty cool because it was just Brig and I shooting it at our house in Malibu or in an apartment in Europe; but it still looks really good! (well I think so) ;-)

New video with Angie coming tonight!

More soon. xx

~ Colette

A Natural Beauty

March 22nd, 2013

Clover is such a natural beauty.

And it is not only her gorgeous face and body, she is also extremely intelligent, fun, compassionate, loves animals and she is adventurous too!

Ok, so who wants to marry her now? Everyone right (maybe even the girls).

Well, she’s not on the market presently, but you can watch her have Awesome sex and orgasms with Caprice tonight!

So get ready cuz here they cum….

And I have to mention another one of my favorite natural beauties Francesca we miss you!

You can join me here to see all of our gorgeous girls :-) xx ~ Colette

My husband is a creative genius and I love fashion-nude <3

March 16th, 2013

I really love some of Brig’s original photos and I’m hoping to put together an archive of his fashion-nude style work (like this photo) for our members. More on that later.

I think we should even do a cool gallery show. Brig really is the original Art in X-Art (I’m the X (LOL))….

Now onto X-Art we have more Lexi, Kaylee and new models coming soon (oh, and because you guys all loved Kiera so much I already booked her again for a Boy/Girl/Girl scene). Who should be the boy and other girl? Let me know if you have suggestions by commenting here . Also, who would you like to see Mia with next? Boys and girls? Should I send her to Europe to work with our new model Jake? (you can see him in this video with Tiffany F)….he doesn’t have to leave the glasses on (although I like them).

And I’ve got Capri and Tyler (they are a couple now) on the shooting schedule for a hot, romantic sex scene. So also let me know if you have any suggestions for a girl/girl for Capri that we could shoot the same day; which girl would be best with her? ;-) Our new user profiles are ALMOST ready, but for a few more weeks please just comment on the most recent update.

Well get ready for some absolutely stunning content AND really cool stuff coming your way soon. And please feel free to join us, so we can continue to bring you the best erotica, that is truly made with LOVE.

P.S. I know I just asked a lot of questions, but your feedback is really important to me, so if you’re a member let me know what you think or you can join here to give your opinion…

Thank you!


Colette (C-cat)