This is what Brig and I did on Vacation


So we flew to Mexico and it was just Brigham and I and the three models. Needless to say we had a great time. But we also had to get around the house filming without the catholic help noticing and we drove across the country to a house that would let us film and got pulled over by Mexican police. With all of this and not one grip, or make-up or light or extra camera Brig and I (like the old days made this video ourselves). You will have to join to see how it came out.

We wanted to prove we could make a video with just us as husband and wife and a few models. I think we learned a few things, but I am still proud of us for making a real life sex tape on our vacation!

Swingers Caprice and Marcello Four-way in 4k!


WATCH this hot clip and JOIN to watch this and 1000’s of high quality videos made with love by Brigham and Colette (yes we are back at it together again after sharpening our shooting saws…

I think sometimes people don’t realize how much physical and mental energy it takes to make something great. But we are doing it and it will just get better and better all for you and all EXCLUSIVE.

See you inside ;-)

What do People really want when they watch PORN?


Hi It’s Colette and I’m Back!

I’ve been missing from my blog for a while, but I’ve decided to use it again to update everyone on my daily life and that of the making of and

WEll we have been shooting all over the world and are getting ready to fly to Vienna and Prague and we have another secret idea that you will love! Uhh, I can’t keep a secret but Brig won’t let me tell you yet.

I don’t want to get long winded here but Web MD has a really good article ehy internet porn is going nowhere and most likely saving marriages left and right:
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After you join (if you aren’t already a member you can read it here: ..but seriously join first and it will make more sense and be research related.

“Why Men Like Porn”
As it turns out, men are pretty much hard-wired to like watching — or reading about — other people having sex. Here’s why they do it — and why it’s probably ok.

So each day I am going to tell you about my day (so that will be tonight) along with upcoming events and you can talk to me inside the X-Art Community

So I leave you this morning with a some fun/HOT series and HOT videos on starring Aubrey and Veronica, Nina and James Deen!

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Why are Blondes so Naughty?


See Blake here at in some harder scenes and you may get what I mean. I think Franzi gets what I’m saying too..

Brigham is editing his masterpiece with Aubrey and James Deen (he’s almost finished) and we are busy shooting a Halloween special for you with Piper Perry (caution before you click on this link Piper is 22 years old but looks very young and loves to be with lots of men at the same time). We are also getting ready to bring you some work from a new director with Caprice and Marcello since they are so easy to shoot and swing in private..Many, many amazing new videos coming up!

If you are a member, thank you we love you! If not you can join here for both sites and experience the BEST erotica in the world! :-) <3 xoxo ~ Colette, Franzi and Brigham

Swingers Party!


How cute is it that Marcello has his hand on his wife’s (Caprice)breast while they are each fucking someone else.
This video and more like it coming to X-Art and

We were down an editor, but we found a new great one and Brigham and I are back at editing ourselves too, so you get some of our original style. We have a ton of content getting ready for our members! So thank you for being patient with us while we have been shooting for months on end because you are about to reap the rewards..

And if you’re not a member, please join us here and experience what real erotica is like. You won’t regret it. Each and every girl is hand-picked for you by myself and Franzi

New group scene coming later on and Caprice and Lily-Ivy BG videos coming to X-Art by Brigham ;-) xoxo

More soon.



“If you never did you should, these things are fun and fun is good.” ~ Dr. Suess