We’re back from Brazil and here’s a sneak peak…..

April 4th, 2014

What an Amazing country! Team X-Art.com had so much fun and worked REALLY hard! Here you can see a preview of what’s to come with Caprice, Marcello and Jenna ….what a threesome!

Marcello led the models in awesome shows twice a night and we still managed to get some stunning videos in the mornings. I can’t thank all of our hardworking team enough!

I’m now catching up for our members to get you the new content, upgrades and tons of really cool stuff!


“The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work.” ~ Thomas A. Edison


So we worked hard, played hard, got to know a beautiful country and made some lifetime friends!

Come on inside and see for yourselves if our work is has paid off, you’ll be happy you did! xoxo



A Stroll Down Memory Lane

March 29th, 2014

I love all of the behind the scenes pics of Brig shooting! Here is one of him shooting Franziska and Emma. If you want to have some fun (and aren’t here in Brazil with us try this: http://blog.x-art.com/2010/11/ and look through some of my old blog posts (archived by month and year on the right of the page). I’m going to make it a point to write even more and share more behind the scenes with our members :-)

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Shooting in Brazil right now!

March 28th, 2014

I just had to post this photo taken with a phone by our new friend in Brazil. Lisa is so beautiful that she doesn’t need a fancy camera to show it. (Well the fancy cameras are rolling now anyway on Kaylee, Lisa and Jenna). Sammy and Jake will get together tomorrow and another couple each day before the erotic fair.

Caprice and Marcello just arrived this morning, we are very excited for his show at the fair :-D

We will be partying, stripping and dancing in this great country all weekend. If you can’t join us here in Brasil, you can join X-Art and see some even better action! xoxo ~ Love, Colette


What’s the difference about X-Art? We are a family!

March 26th, 2014

Come and join, Brigham and I, Petra Bastian, Laurent, Jake, Franziska, Caprice, Lisa, Kaylee, The Red Fox, Angelica and more NEW EXCLUSIVE models you will only find on X-Art all treated with Love and Respect.

And now we welcome our new  X-Art team Brazil! All wonderful people who fit right in ;-)

We are down here getting ready for an amazing show at the Erotic Fair, so far I am loving Brazilians!

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And on the other side of the coin Woody Allen would say,” Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go, it’s pretty damn good.” ….that’s not for you Brig, that quote is  only for our aptly titled update tonight! More very soon! xoxo

Love, Colette

Chloe loves Carl (This was the FIRST time we ever shot a BG scene EVER)

March 18th, 2014

Flashback to 2008: “We don’t shoot a lot of boy/girl content for x-art” (Umm, this is me (Colette) commenting now, I must have meant we didn’t shoot any back then LOL), but when Chloe asked if she could include her boyfriend Carl in one of her photo sets, how could we resist? (This is true, she did ask).

These two young lovers REALLY enjoy having an audience during sex, and the chemistry between them is real and raw. (join to see more) And they are still a couple!

Enjoy all 12 behind the scenes pics (you have to be a member to click on the BTS pics) or the full members gallery.

P.S. Now that I am reading this it is 2014 and I am laughing because we were so nervous we asked if only the girl could have an orgasm. We were scared to film the “cum-shot” and we actually didn’t even really make a video out of it; but hey you’ve got to start somewhere). Brig and I moved all the lights and sets ourselves and I did the hair and make-up. So there were literally four people on this shoot. Just proves that you don’t need a huge crew or tons of gear. There is a good balance that we have finally figured out! See this in all of our most recent popular videos ;-)

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Watch this Trailer from X-Art cinematic short film “Burning”!

March 14th, 2014

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Quoting a Story form the New York Times Today about X-Art model Belle

March 9th, 2014

Belle is all over the news right now and she deserves it, she rocks!

The below is a story run by the New York Times and written by the amazing Stoya!

LOS ANGELES — I DIDN’T expect to become a porn star. People rarely do. I was 19 years old, and my photographer roommate had an offer from a website to buy some nude pictures. We did a shoot and then waited two weeks in case I woke up in a panic over the idea of releasing naked photos of myself into the world. But I didn’t, and so I turned to the required paperwork. One of the boxes to fill in read “Stage Name (if applicable).”

Stage names are common in the entertainment industry — whether in Hollywood, rap or pornography — and they’re used for all sorts of reasons. But at a time when people can be whoever they like on the Internet, when we are all negotiating who we are in which setting and for which audience, somehow the combination of a woman whose job is fantasy and her fantasy professional name can make people lose their minds.

Consider the recent hysteria over the Duke University student who moonlights as an adult film starlet. Although it didn’t take long after the news broke for her fellow students and strangers to gleefully post her legal name online, “the Duke porn star,” as she has been called by media outlets from Forbes to The Guardian, has tried to control what she is called where. She used the pseudonym Lauren when giving interviews, and the pseudonym Aurora for her stage name in those same interviews. Finally, this week, she acknowledged her actual stage name — Belle Knox.

The whole kerfuffle doesn’t need to be as dramatic as people seem to think. For me, choosing a stage name felt less like concealing my identity (especially since I’d just turned over my Social Security number to strangers) and more like deciding on a user name for any Internet service or website.

I chose Stoya because it was there. It was a diminutive of my grandmother’s maiden name, and my mother had considered it before naming me after Jessica Savitch, the news anchor. Spoken aloud, Stoya had a nice balance between femininity and strength. It felt rightfully mine because of the family history. An insurance agent owned the domain stoya.com, but I didn’t think I’d ever need a website of my own.

I wasn’t a voluptuous sex symbol or exotic glamazon. How big could the market be for pasty young women with wacky sartorial tastes and wiry limbs? I expected my orifices to be viewable in high definition by anyone with an Internet connection. I did not expect to have a career as a performer in hard-core videos, much less to see photos of myself on magazine covers or to be regularly recognized on the street. It would be ragingly narcissistic to assume that over 150,000 people would follow you on Twitter because of your work in pornography. But eight years later, that’s exactly what has happened.

Not everyone performing in adult films uses a stage name. Tera Patrick has said she legally changed her name to match her professional one. A few use their whole legal name; others keep their given name while taking a suggestive or unique surname. Still more take Love or Star, sometimes with creative spellings, and I’d support a 10-year ban on every iteration of both.

Along with desires to differentiate themselves from performers in similar fields, increase ease of spelling and pronunciation or convey a certain image, some performers do take a stage name for the purpose of making themselves more difficult to recognize. This might possibly have worked in the ’70s, but with easy access to enormous amounts of adult content on the Internet and the ease with which we can all find juicy tidbits of information about one another’s pasts online, I can’t see it having much effect anymore.

I am on the board of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, which offers peer-to-peer education and supports performers’ rights. In the introduction to its Porn 101 video, my colleagues explain: “There is a great likelihood that everyone you know will see these images, or at least find out,” and “You cannot expect your legal name to remain a secret, and a stage name will not fool people who recognize you.”

My stage name is less about withholding parts of myself or maintaining privacy than it is a symbol of the idea that I am more than just my job or any other isolated slice of my identity.

The strangers who call me Jessica at publicity appearances lean in far too close. They hiss it as if they have top-secret information. All they’re doing is letting me know that they had 30 seconds to spend on Google and no sense of propriety — which may sound funny coming from a woman who flagrantly disregards it herself. They’re often the same people who refer to my orifices as “that” instead of “your,” as though the body part in question is running around free-range instead of attached to a person with free will and autonomy.

Yes, there’s a paradox here in that I willingly engage in work that reduces me to a few sexual facets of myself but expect to be seen as a multifaceted person outside of that work. I participate in an illusion of easy physical access, and sometimes the products associated with that illusion — the video clips and silicone replicas of my sexual organs (seriously, and they’re popular enough to provide the bulk of my income) — do, in fact, exist without attachment to a person with free will or autonomy.

But this same lack of context is something any of us can experience. It’s what happens when any ill-advised tweet or embarrassing Facebook picture goes viral. Ten years ago, I would have judged people over the course of several conversations. Now I evaluate them based on a few snippets of their social media presence. Whether you portray yourself as a professional sex symbol or a morally upstanding member of the PTA, we all do this kind of self-branding now.

Maybe it would be easier to navigate the dissolving boundaries between public and private spaces if we all had a variety of names with which to signal the aspects of ourselves currently on display. And maybe we should remember that our first glimpse of a person is just one small piece of who they really are.”

…….Now this is from me: Pretty Cool Story right? How about a scene with Stoya, James and Belle together? Members what do you think? Love, Colette

P.S. And here is a link to the story in the New York Times, so check it out there too! These girls rock!

A New Beauty from Russia with Love ~ Joins us in Prague <3

March 6th, 2014

Here’s a quick preview of a new model we shot this weekend in Prague.

She is very new to erotic modeling, but really loved it and said she was completely comfortable with our X-Art Europe team!

We are getting ready to attend the Erotic Fair in Brazil, so head down there if you want to meet some of your favorite X-Art models in person. Caprice, Kaylee, Lisa, Jenna, Sammy, Francesca and others (including Mr. X and Jake for the ladies) and they will all be signing autographs, hanging out and dancing with fans for three days! Caprice and her boyfriend will also put on a show. He is a champion at pole dance, it is a very popular erotic sport in Europe and Caprice is learning the ropes from him ;-)

Think Sao Paulo, champagne, music and beautiful girls! We are in the process of updating the site so you can interact even more with our models, so join me here and follow our progress!

It is going to be a fun ride.





Live From Madrid! (From Russia with Love)

February 10th, 2014

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We just wrapped in Madrid with Angelica, Ben, Susie, Jake and a new Dutch model.
They were all vacationing in Spain and decide to try some swinging and some orgies (our own X-Art Olympics). These scenes were shot by the same director of Burning, Oh Mia and Farewell!

The coolest thing is X-Art is getting an overhaul and you will have LOTS more awesome features. We are going to be choosing beta testers soon! I will keep you updated.

In the meantime you can join me and become a part a of the most exclusive erotic community in the world and also watch some of the hottest videos EVER ;-) xoxo

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P.S. Hope you like the new video from Izzy too, it is getting rave reviews from members.

Hello from Madrid (and have you seen my Vimeo page yet?) Where did it go.

February 6th, 2014

(Update Vimeo took my page down, even though I followed all the rules). I will be posting the trailers on this blog instead…

We are shooting right now in Madrid with Angelica, Ben, Susie, Jake and a new Dutch model.

They are all vacationing in Spain and decide to try some swinging and some orgies. (These scenes will be shot by the same director of Burning, Oh Mia and Farewell!)

I’ll be getting up the video of the threesome from today as soon as possible (hopefully tonight). In the meantime you can see a really quick clip from on the set in Spain on my Vimeo page you can also see a fun videos of Francesca from a recent trip we took and some trailers. I’ll be adding previews and outtakes there every now and then.

The coolest thing is X-Art is getting an overhaul and you will have LOTS more awesome features. We are going to be choosing beta testers soon! I will keep you updated.

In the meantime you can join me and become a part a of the most exclusive erotic community in the world and also watch some of the hottest videos EVER ;-) xoxo Love, Colette